22 Feb 2007

Sakis & Despina: Together in Thessaloniki ~ Down Town Feb 07

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I think that once upon a time at some awards ceremony I had screamed "Sakiiiiiii!!!", but now I play it cool and mature. Sakis Rouvas on the other hand is. Cool and mature too. Of course if he lets me a little loose I'm ready to scream "Sakiiiii!!!" again. It's probably some kind of reflex! Even if he is approachable, friendly and polite. And complicated too. Much more complicated than he lets us suspect...

You have finished shooting the "Alter Ego" film, you gave a concert with Nova for the night of the Oscars, at the 1st of March you're starting shows in Salonica with Despina Vandi, you have released your album that became double platinum. Are you doing a lot of things because you feel very creative, or did it just happen?
I feel it's pandemonium. I'm engaged in so many things which keep me active and happy. I'm "filling up" at this time.

The film was a surprise to your audience. How did you decide to say "yes" and how did you like the experience? Would you like to be an actor?
Wait till you see the outcome and then you'll tell me if it's a surprise or not. I liked a lot the whole process of the shootings and the aftermath. Yet it was not something I didn't work a lot for or wasn't ready for. I had done a lot of work previously, with my instructor in America.

I was reading on the internet about the predictions an astologist has made for you, and he said that you will have a proposal from Hollywood. Even if not from Hollywood, would you accept another proposal for a film?
There's not a standard answer to that, because it all depends on multiple parameters. This film did not come by chance. It happened after a lot of discussion with the people of Village, after a lot of planning that led to a mutual creation. I liked the experience very much and if I happened to have a similarly serious proposition and an interesting screenplay that would challenge me, then yes, I would do it again.

You're going to appear in Salonica after six years, together with a lady singer who is at home. Does this city mean something deeper to you?
Don't forget that I started my career at the Salonica song festival, which means this city is a great part of my life. I may have not been there for the last six years but I used to be there every year and I have had some very beautiful moments. I'm attached to it. It also has amazing food. And - I don't know how or why, in what magical way - this city always makes you have fun. It has its own magic...

We've been through a lot together. You, and we as your audience. From "Par'ta" to your military service, "Aima dakrya & idrotas", the Ipektsi award, the japanese skirt, the Eurovision. Were we - your fans - good to you, or were we sometimes too much on you, unfair, tiring?
I think the audience all these years has been wonderful. It's power. In difficult and ugly occasions the audience empowered me so that I endured and at the end I had a good time with them. Whatever I have given out I received it back multiplied. And it's true, we've been through a lot together.

You're the girls' and women's beloved in Greece. Do you sometimes get uneasy by the prospect of growing old and wearing down? Does ageing frighten you?
Up to now time has been good to me. I haven't felt it like a burden. I generally have a very good relation with time. I take experience and maturity from it and it makes me better. I believe that if this continues I won't have any reason to feel bad about it. Whatever time takes away from us it gives it back in multiple, in other forms perhaps.

Is this worship, this frenzy about you, addictive?
I shall tell you the truth, that it is absolutely, so absolutely addictive. I can assure you about it. I don't know how to describe what I feel, but the energy you receive is amazing. For instance, think that a human being loves you very much and that makes you feel self-confidence, joy, fulfilment, happiness. Consider now 10.000 people who love you. How do you feel? Isn't it an addiction? And this feeling is so beautiful that you're constantly asking for it. Yes. I am addicted. That's my own drug.

You're not someone who allows questions about his personal life, even though you don't hide your relationship. But why does talking about it bother you? Does indiscretion annoy you?
Our personal life is our own business, that's exactly why it's called personal and private. We are entitled to to keep it as personal as we like and we should all respect the limits of the others. It's annoying when someone tries to violate you, to get beyond the point where you allow them to approach. It's annoying.

When I told my mother and my 3-year-old daughter that I would be talking with you, they both screamed. Isn't it too hard for you to be faithful with all those available women of all ages around?
Wow! I like the way you think! No, it's not hard. I think that one is what one wants to be. I am what I choose to be in the current state of life, even if I reconsider later on. I weigh things, I take account of what the experience has to offer to my life and I enjoy what I finally choose. We are always our choices.

If you began you career from the start, would you make different choices?
What a pity we won't ever know that! But you know, I'm happy for what I have done, for everything, because it's the sum of my choices and all I have learned from good and bad moments have become experience. I'm happy for all of them. I wish the best is yet to come, that's why we all try and advance in life, in order to meet it. We always lay our hopes in it.

Yes. Do you have human weaknesses Saki? Are you jealous, frightened, do you have nightmares at night, do you get panick attacks?
All of that, you can add as much, and a few more. Everything has happened to me. Don't have a doubt about it.

Magazine: Down Town, February 2007

Curtesy of Lemonpie 30

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