1 Jun 1999

Flying Temptation

Hour 12.00 m.m. "If the Bio Bio club was an island, it would be that of Kirkis, that his residents were only women", were my first thought after short focus in the space. Suddenly, the music strengthens. All the looks are turned in the scene. However, the surprise comes from tally. Fifteen metres above from the ground is presented a cage. In little it is opened by an angel with metal feathers that lands on stage. He wears only a silver bandage that barely covers what underwear would. The public begins to scream...

You cause howls, and fainting spells. How do you accomplish that?
I do not know. In any case, above in the scene I feel the same intensity the public feels. The sentiments are reciprocal.

First with skirt, afterwards live behind in the window of Virgin, now a flying angel. What other surprises have you got for us?
It is beautiful to know that the world you loves and you likes what you do. As long as I feel this love of the public, I will try to give my best every time.

Are all your outfits, creations of Valentino?
Yes, I continue to get dressed by Valentino.

Why Valentino and not some other designer?
Because he is world famous designer, that happened to be interested in me. It drew the clothes of my previous appearance in the Chaos. His intervention was essential in the summer show, that has particular dress requirements as well. Fortunately Valentino is a genius and came up with amazing solutions.

How did you become acquainted with him?
I met him in Mykonos, where I introduced him to my manager,

And they became friends?
Yes, the Valentino is pleasant, hospitable and very polite. It’s impossible to meet him and not realise his worth.

If Calvin Klein proposed to dress you from now on would you reject him?
I would not reject a proposal by anyone just because of my friendship with some other.

We have seen you making extreme appearances on the scene. Is this truly your style or are you using fashion as a way to project yourself?
When I am on stage I wear anything that serves the show and make my performance unique. When I am on stage I play a role and I have to dress accordingly. On a daily bases I wear jeans. I dress, simply because that’s how I feel comfortable. Moreover, in life I don’t need to play a part

Is your way of life as extreme as your clothes?
Extreme he is something relative. One of the things I consider extreme is skydiving, that I took for the first time in Mexico. You fall from a plane in the void it is a very intense sentiment, adversely to the instinct of self-preservation.

When you don't are not working, what are you doing?
I watch videos, I hear music, I surf in the Internet, I read verses that are send to me, I play music with my friends... the usual things. Depending on the season I do some sports: wind surfing, tennis, scuba diving, ski in the mountain or in the sea, riding. I play football, golf, I swim, I fall from the sky with or without parachute (laughs).

From skydiving to salto mortale 14 metres above the stage. Aren't you afraid?
I have gotten used to being afraid. Naturally, we have taken all the possible measures of safety. However, every profession has it’s own risks.

Each new appearance becomes a hot subject in media. How do you cope with it?
Love my work and I like I deal with this I try him I make as long as better I can and give maximum my my eaytoy' and soul. It is meant that, when you make well your work, they are written and said various. Never I am not informed for them.

When you were little, did you dream you would become star?
No of course. I feel very lucky, because I am doing so well.

Chance or hard work?
Both. I got lucky but this does not mean that I have not worked a lot.

How you feel that you don't have a competitor?
Difficult than all they are to rival. In order to him you exceed each time, is required big effort.

You have a large fan club of fanatic admirers. Do you know any of them personally?
Yes I know a lot. Apart from the girls that I happen to recognise because they are attending most of my live performances,

Who she is the ideal woman for you?
Ideal woman is the one that can you make to be felt completed. Does not measure so much the exterior appearance. Importance they have the sentiments that you causes also the good chemistry.

Your first love...
She was a girl in Corfu, when I was very young.

Seriously now, do you get pissed of with all the inaccuracies that are written for personal life?
I get upset but I have accepted that there is nothing I can do. A portion of the Press is nourished by scandals and stories that they create in order to they sell. They pick someone and decide to make a living by him or her …

However when you are not reacting, you are giving the impression that there might be truth in what they are writing
I am not compelled to answer, to every rubbish that is written. Moreover if I began to deny and fight back, I wouldn’t have time for anything else. I prefer to work with the music, my work and things that me make happy rather than entering this vicious circle of attack and counter attack.

You have a strange way of life, judging from how few people find themselves really close to you. How do you select your friends?
The people that we select to be around us play an important role in the course and the progress of each section of our lives. The good friends are, usually, few. I always try to have near me people that love me and help me develop.

And now the question that I’ve been meaning to ask from the beginning. Saki, for whom does your heart beat?
I kardia mou ktipa – mono gia sena (= My heart beats – only for you) (Lyrics of Sakis song)

(he sings and once more I don’t get the answer I want)