1 Apr 2007

Meet Sakis Rouvas' Alter Ego

It all began three years ago when the Greek and foreign success of "Politiki Kouzina" ("A Touch of Spice"), which sold 1,350,000 tickets across Greece, established Village Roadshow Productions Hellas as a dynamic force in Greek film production. What came next could only aim higher. Sakis Rouvas is the star of the new production by Village Roadshow Productions Hellas. "Alter Ego" is one of the most high-budget Greek movies ever filmed, having cost nearly 2.000.000 euros. Advanced audio and video techniques were used, while the film was processed in the UK. The film is directed by Nikos Dimitropoulos, the up-and-coming director who made a powerful debut abroad in advertising and television . The script was overseen by Vana Dimitriou (screenwriter for the well-known television series “Erotas”) and Nikos Dimitropoulos. The film stars both classic artists and emerging talent like: Sakis Rouvas, Danai Skiadi, Alexandros Logothetis, Dimitris Kouroumbalis, Kostis Kallivretakis, Doretta Papadimitriou and Laertis Malkotsis.

The film follows the lives of five young musicians in a famous rock band who come face to face with their fears, desires, and true selves: Stefanos (Sakis Rouvas) and Filippos want to conquer the world with their music; Nefeli wants to discover herself; Andreas tries to balance the fact of being famous as a member of a rock band with the compromises of a marriage; Timos is the one who lives his life in the extreme and the most sincere of all; Argiris is their guardian angel and Nantia the neurotic manager who brings them all back to the reality of showbiz.

Filming took place in Athens and Thessaloniki and lasted for about 11 weeks. The film will be distributed by Village Films. "Alter Ego" opens on May 10th in Greek theatres.

From the site: Oikotimes

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