1 Feb 2007

Can’t do better than this! ~ Close Up Feb 07

His new album is titled “Iparhei agapi edo”. It’s a clear insinuation and we got the message! At the same time his first movie is being filmed, while he enjoys – finally – his success and his love, more mature, cooler and calmer than ever. It was about time …

We haven’t met before. Politeness, apart from obvious on his expression, is also written in his DNA. He is using formal language but I ask him right from the start to stop. He seems surprised but he agrees. The shooting of the movie “Alter Ego” are exhausting and the time at our disposal is very short. We begin.

Although I have not been a fan of your previous work, I have to say congratulations on your latest album.
Thank you, I’m glad you say so. I believe it’s my best album yet. It’s mature and complete. Someone can listen to ballads and dance hits. And of course this album was sponsored by Vodafone.

And you may find worthy composers such as Nikos Antipas …
It’s very important to work with talented associates in order for an album to be a hit. Nikos Antipas, Eleana Vrahali, Lakis Papadopoulos, Giannis Parios and Haris Barthakouris are only some of the people who worked on this album.

I was moved by the lyrics of your song “O iroas” (= The hero) that says …
(He guessed my thought) “It’s hard to be yourself when a thousand eyes are upon you / to pick your mate when everybody looks to their own needs”

Exactly! Do you feel what these lyrics imply?
It’s true! Someone might say: “After all these years you must have gotten used to it by now” And it can be used to after a while but there are moments when truly everyone is looking at you and you can’t do what you want to do …

You haven’t been tired by all this attention? For years every decision you ever made goes through the microscope!
I don’t perceive it as a tiring procedure. I find it logical; it’s a consequence of my job. It’s like a natural law, for every action there is an opposite reaction. All right there are moments when I wish I could do something foolish and nobody noticed … Although to be honest … Lately I do whatever comes in my mind most of the times …

What everyone wants, as we grow older is to keep something from our childhood. Has publicity damaged your “spontaneity”?
Yes of course … But I don’t give up, I fight. I try not to pay attention and be myself as much as I can. It’s difficult considering the line of work I am in but not impossible.

There has been a lot of talk about your part in the latest “Village Road Show” production “Alter Ego”. Giorgos Karamihos has stepped down, the director has been replaced by Nikos Dimopoulos the script writer. Rumor has it that you haven’t been getting along. What’s your answer?
Giorgos Karamihos is an excellent actor and I liked him a lot as a person as well. When I learned that he wouldn’t participate I was surprised. I really thought we would play together.

So, you didn’t send him away?
I don’t have that kind of power – the movie isn’t mine! As for the director, you have to look for the reasons of his replacement with the production company; I had nothing to do with it.

You are the star, so you will be charged with anything that goes wrong…
I can’t say anything about that.

Are you doing this movie because you want to explore more of your artistic side – we all remember your acting lessons in L.A. – or are you just tired of being the absolute pop idol of Greece?
The movie has nothing to do with my career so far. There is another side of me that I always wanted to bring forth. I think the movie completes me as an artist. Besides it’s something I always wanted to do. Cinema has always inspired me and I grew up with a family that loved and worked at a theatre.

Were your parents actors?
They still are. They are amateur actors for the past 35 years. I remember their colleagues coming home and practicing their lines. Music stole my heart and was the easiest way to express myself when I was a teenager but the desire to work in the movies was always inside of me. In the past I had many proposals but I never felt that the time and the circumstances were right. Now, after my preparation in L.A. and my acting lessons I felt ready and able to take up that responsibility and come through.

Can you tell me why, in the past you were considered lacking in social skills and communication?
People change. So did I and I did it fast.

Do you admit that you had a problem communicating with other people?
It was not a matter of problem it was a matter of choice. It’s a matter of how you wish to express yourself and in what way. I am a man who always thought that our actions speak louder than our words. I sill do. That fact that I am more communicative today has to do with me growing up…

Maybe you were hiding behind Ilias Psinakis who didn’t allow you to be as free as you wanted to …
When I was working with Ilias what you saw was cooperation therefore my choice as well. Our professional relationship was excellent and I am where I am today thanks to him. I appreciate and respect what we accomplice together.

Do you agree with his choices professionally these days?
He is a man with many talents. When he makes his mind up it’s very hard to change it. In the end everything is judged by the outcome.

You are very diplomatic Mr. Rouvas I have to admit it ..
It’s the truth. Up until now I think that Ilias choices as a TV star have been excellent. Ilias had nothing to do with television and being in front of the spot light. He was never a front man and in two years he has made a career. What he does is very hard and I admire him greatly. Being backstage and suddenly turn into the center of attention … it’s not easy.

What’s your relationship with money?
Very, very good.

Which means?
Money makes my life easy and allows me to realize what interest me and pleases me. Money gives you freedom and I am very grateful for that.

Do you spent a lot?
Not really. I like fine things and I enjoy them very much but I can live without them if I have to.

It’s very hard to imagine Sakis living without luxuries
I have done that for many years. Besides the most important things in life are those that you enjoy at home with your friends. I give those things greater value.

What’s the greatest value of your moral code?
Love. In life you must have love, a warm heart and a sense of justice. If you don’t have love, life is very hard – a living hell. What to do with a big fancy car if you don’t have friends to share it with or if those who enter it like the car more than you?

On the department of friendship, how are things?
Things are looking good. I feel really well, I give and I take love as well.

What about God?
I am a deep believer

You are a handsome man who is very successful professionally and in his personal life. Do you feel afraid some times that a negative energy might deprive you of all that?
Here comes God. HE takes charge. HE is the one who leads us and protects all that we have.

You mean you don’t feel anxiety or insecurity?
When everything goes well I feel it as a reward for my hard work. I’m doing something right and a higher force approves of me. I am of course insecure because I have made mistakes. Although you learn from your mistakes.

You work out, you eat healthy, you sleep as much as you have to. Don’t you ever brake the rules?
Everything within reason. Let’s not go crazy here. Exaggeration is a recipe for disaster. Even in exercise.

So, you do brake some rules in your diet ..
As much as I have to.

I am not going to ask you if you are happy with Katia – I can see it in your face. Are you pleased however that the public accepts you now that you have Katia by your side? Now that their idol in unavailable sort of …
I am very pleased and I enjoy my freedom. I am glad that the world still approves of me and responds to my artistic talent and is interested in whether I am ok or not.

Did you worry about what the world would think about your joint appearances? About your relationship?
No I didn’t think about it. I believe that in this life we must do what we want to do; what we truly wish to do.

Are you at the best moment in your life right now – yes or no?
So far so good.

CLOSE UP 01/02/2007

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