1 May 2007

Sakis: I have a lot of Alter Egos! ~ Afisorama May 07

Our interview was over the phone because the star’s schedule was so heavy due to his many engagements. Our conversation run smoothly and Sakis couldn’t hide his enthusiasm and joy for the outcome of the tiring shooting as well as the first – positive – reactions from the viewers. In the interview that follows Sakis gives us a taste from the experience of his first movie, he talks about his charming leading ladies, reveals his plans about his summer plans and sends a message to all of his fans!

Your first movie is going to be released on May 10th. How do you plan to spent that day?
The avant premiere of the movie is on the 7th of May so that’s when I’m going to watch it. What my plans are going to be on the 10th of May is still not determined, because I have a very hard schedule so I have to go through it carefully and decide. This is a very busy period for me; full of interviews and photo shoots that don’t leave room for many choices.

Are you nervous about the box office sales?
Not at all. I’m so happy with the product that nothing can spoil it for me.

Have you seen it?
Yes, of course

And what did you think of yourself as a hero on the silver screen?
Different. I was very satisfied with the outcome and Sakis was very good at that. I was pleasantly surprised.

Was the movie a challenge for you? Is there going to be another one?
I can’t say that it was a challenge exactly but it was definitely a chance to do something different from everything I have done so far. But it too early to decide whether there is going to be more after that or not. The whole process of shooting was an exceptional experience for me and given a chance if something else comes my way, I will be happy to do it again. But I am not in a position to know that just yet.

Was it easier because the hero and you had many things in common?
Yes in a way you could say that but the meaning of the film is completely different. I mean the script is not what most people would imagine. It’s about human relationships, love, friendship and is not just what the hero does.

Is that what everyone who saw the film thought?
Exactly. And I am particularly pleased that those who have seen the movie realized that it’s not a musical where I play myself and that is that.

What about the critics you have heard?
I only heard positive critics and that’s what made me happy and optimistic than anything else.

Will you describe Stephanos, the character you are playing in the movie?
Stephanos is a likeable young man, member of a group that has reached the peak of it’s course but at the same time he is very confused about everything that has been happening to him. His relationships force him to think, to search for himself, to decide and make up his mind about things.

So he is a young man with troubles that “talks’ to all of the young people that find themselves in a similar position?
I will say that he is a young man with problems that touch everybody because emotions don’t have an age. All of us in various moments of our lives find ourselves wondering about love and friendship … I believe that this film will appeal to everyone who has everyday problems. The fact that Stephanos experiences these things at a young age has nothing to do with it.

Now that we are talking about friendships, do you still see friends from your childhood?
Of course I do. I have maintained my relationships with all of my friends from Corfu when we were children. But I cannot see them as often as I would have liked. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss them or that we don’t have a great time when we are together.

Was it easy to be part of a group, given the fact that you had a solo career so far?
Not at all. I have learned to cooperate with everyone I have worked so far and being a member of a group is not that different from being part of a team with common goals.

Is filming a movie, hard?
Very much and that’s not just my opinion. The shooting is not always done in the best conditions. You have to work with rain and wind that makes things particularly difficult and be true to your character. But I think in the end we all had a good time.

How was your cooperation with your two leading ladies, Danai Skiadi and Doretta Papadimitriou?
Wonderful! They are both amazing girls and I wish to thank them because they were very sweet and helped me a lot.

Do you have an alter ego?
Yes I have many. I won’t name them because they are all part of me that I am looking for at every possible chance.

Your recent performances with Despina Vandi were very successful. Will you continue together?
There are lots of plans for the upcoming winter but I don’t know yet if we are going to continue together.

People love you and try to show it in every possible way. Does it tire you?
Not a chance! People’s love cannot tire me. It can only feel me with pleasant feelings. And I need it. An example of this is the concert I gave at Syntagma square in Vodafone’s party. It had incredible intensity and passion and I enjoyed myself tremendously! What truly tires me – and I suppose that goes for everyone – are the many professional assignments and as a result I sometimes seek solitude and peace.

Is there a chance for you to go back to the States?
Yes, definitely. When my obligation about the movie end I intend to go back to finish what I have started.

Let me guess, are you ready to learn more?
I don’t know if I feel like a student. It’s been a while that I left school. But I have every intention to pursue some things that I consider essential. Besides I’m one of those people who think that we should always learn things that will make us better.

Your latest album became platinum lately. What’s your favorite song?
All of them. I don’t have a favorite among my songs, because each of them has its own character. Every song has its own identity and appeals to different moments in our lives. Just like everyone, in every moment I need to hear a different song. This season I enjoy “Zise tin zoi” a song that was given to me by Antonis vardis for the new movie. It’s exceptional.

Generally what kind of music do you prefer?
Everything. Sometimes I listen classical music, other times jazz and other times rock or ethnic Greek songs. It depends on the mood of the moment.

In your last video clip I noticed a resemblance between you and the hero of the movie. Was it a coincidence or have you decided to adopt that look?
It was something that happened on purpose because we filmed the video at the same time with the movie so I didn’t have many options.

The issue of the day is Eurovision. Could you talk top us about that experience?
It was the most exciting experience of my life. It was so beautiful I will always remember it. And the reason that thrilled me so was not just my presence in the competition but the responsibility of representing my country.

Do you like this year’s song?
Yes, I like it very much and Sarbel is great.

What kind of advise would you like to give him?
I would tell him to stand strong and give it all on stage!

Do you plan to go on vacations this summer or is your schedule so full that you can’t do anything?
I believe I can combine both. I will definitely go on vacations but I have already planned some concerts that will be more hopefully.

What would you like to say to the fans of this magazine?
I want to hank them very much because they exist! What they are giving me is priceless. If I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be who I am. And we have fan together.

Afisorama, 01/05/2007

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