12 Jan 2006

Happy Birthday to you ~ Down Town 12 Jan 06

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Sakis Birthday party with lots of guests and cameras proves what everyone has realized in the last year. The age of introversion is over and Sakis is no longer an unapproachable idol but a massive one. It was about time …

Sakis party at the club Barouge for his birthday in Wednesday 4th of January (Sakis turns 34) was the first high society event for the year 2006.Sakis arrived in a black limo at 11:30, half an hour after the official time, along with Katia and welcomed his guests, most of which have arrived earlier. Dozens “Rouvitses” were waiting for him outside and were trying to find a way to get in or hug him or wish him “Happy Birthday” but very few succeeded. Among his guests were the Greek diva Despina Vandi, her husband, the soccer player Demis Nikolaidis (he was part of the national soccer team when Greece won the Euro in 2004) and many other Greek celebs who were his friends and acquaintances. His secretary and very close associate, Erofilli Gioni had made a special order of the cake, which was shaped of a star with the phrase “My Star” on it that was gone in 20 minutes.

Sakis, when he was not in the arms of Katia was dancing constantly and performed an exceptional dance routine on the bar (?!?!). Sakis wasn’t afraid of publicity any more and invited his guests to dance with him. He was relaxed even around the photo reporters. “Katia managed to “get through” to Sakis because she is probably the only woman that Sakis feels will not take advantage of him for publicity. Besides she is, already, an extremely well known model both in Greece and abroad”, a friend of the couple claimed. Sakis and Katia left the party at 5:00 in the morning and head for home. Yes the couple is living together at least for as long as they both stay in Athens.

“I have fallen in love with you”
Everything started out as a rumor, and everyone said it wasn’t going to last because it was “too good to be true”, so it couldn’t be meaningful and deep. But Sakis and Katia decided to prove us wrong and show us that sometimes fairy tales come true.

Sakis has many reasons to be pleased professionally. His album “S’eho eroteftei” will probably become double platinum (something that none of his other albums ever did), Sakis’ Doll is going pretty well on the sales market (again this is an exception to the rules when it comes to Greece), and he is preparing to “present” the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, something that will promote his career abroad. On the personal field his relationship with Katia is about to become a “Classic Romance Tale” published in every magazine, newspaper etc … Despite everyone’s predictions they are still together. “They are very much in love, even after all this time. When they are together they constantly hug each other and can’t keep their hands to each other” says a friend of theirs “they take good care of each other and they are possessive but in a good way, without jealousy and hysterics”.

This year’s Christmas with Sakis and Katia
Sakis and Katia spend their vacations in Athens, visiting friends and family. They were very discreet about it. They spend the Christmas day in the house of Despina Vandi and Demis Nikolaidis, and the very next day in the house of Sakis friend and director, Kostas Kapetanidis. The couple visited the club to Rex where Despina sings and the club Votanikos where Anna Vissi sings. In between they managed to host a gathering with friends at their house.

Sakis future plans
In the next few days Sakis will be leaving for New York, where he will stay for a few days – and Katia along with him. In February he will return to prepare for Eurovision (rehearsals etc) while the name of his co – host is not decided yet. During the summer, he might appear at a summer club, for the first time in six years. The last summer season that he appeared in a club was in 2000 with Katy Garbi.

How it is between the two
The couple seems to be enjoying the absolute love affair and doesn’t let anyone get between them. They kiss and they hug even in public, they like to photograph each other and they look each other in the eyes. “Even when they talk to others, they seem to be interested only in themselves” says a friend of theirs. “Sakis has changed since last spring. He is more talkative, he appears to be surer of himself, he replies when he is interviewed and doesn’t have that frozen smile on his face. He is a lot more positive when dealing with things. He is focusing on the bright side of things instead in the negative aspects around him”. Sakis is more demonstrative and accessible with his fans. “It’s probably because Sakis has fallen in love for the first time, that’s why he seems more relaxed and human than ever” says a friend of the couple. “Every time you see them together, you know its destiny. It sounds like a lie but it’s the truth. It’s so much true that it’s annoying. They come together and they leave together. I think that they are addicted to each other. I haven’t seen this happening to any other couple. Although they are together for such a long time, they prefer to be by themselves because the rest of us are annoying them”, says another friend of the couple. Besides very few people have access to them. Only Despina and Demis and the model Ester Mastrogianni are close friends of the couple. Anyone who doubts one or the other is classified “undesirable”.

Will they get married soon?
Moving always works as a prelude to getting married, for a couple. It’s the final exam that proves if a relationship is able to stand in the face of time or fade away. The couple is tested in everyday life not just moments. And the experiment is successful because Katia has moved to Neo Voutza. They act as if they are married, they are inseparable. Whether or not they are getting married is irrelevant, thought people who know them say it’s only a matter of time. Sakis often says: “If I marry Katia, nobody will know it until after it’s done”. As to whether they want children or not: Our sources tell us that Sakis does want children but not for a long time (four or five years at least). Katia is willing to accept Sakis choices – unless something happens of course.

The Chronicles of their Relationship

September 2003:
They meet for the shooting of the Vodafone commercial in a hotel in Crete. Sakis was an item with Rebecca Wang at the time and rumors were just rumors.

November 2003:
Sakis breaks up with Rebecca but his affair with Katia is not official yet.

May 2004:
They make their first public appearance together. Its right after the triumph of Eurovision 2004 (Sakis came 3rd after many years of failures). Sakis went to Corfu with Ilias Psinakis (who was his manager at the time) and katia is trying to avoid the photographers.

Summer 2004:
The couple continues their vacation and their affair grows stronger. She stops trying to hide.

Autumn 2004:
Katia and Sakis move in together at his place in Neo Voutza.

Spring 2005:
Sakis visits L.A. to broaden his horizons and everyone say that the future is dark and not very promising.

January 2006:
Despite the rumors and the distance the affair grows stronger and they continue their life together.

Mag. DOWN TOWN, Jan 2006

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