2 Feb 2005

Sakis Rouvas un - scandaled

For the first in his career, Sakis begins his appearances for the season without being accompanied by a scandal or a mystery. There is no skirt, there is no scandal and there is no mystery this year surrounding his name. Probably because he decided that he is at the final stages of maturity. And suddenly Sakiiiiiis pop idol/ superstar/ bigger – than – life idol became just Sakis.

It is understood of course that inside Fever the girls literally can’t take their eyes of him. That their screams of excitement continue to pierce the room – although more sporadically than before. That his routine is impeccable and is executed with mathematical accuracy. That at some point he appears shirtless keeping up the tradition. And that his “image” needs little or no improvement.

But this years he appears to be more accessible. More like “the man who does his job well and doesn’t need a scandal to promote him”. Even if that means fewer reports at the news.

Magazine Nitro, February 2005

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