9 Feb 2005

Sakis Rouvas turned down ERT's invitation to Greek selection 2005

This news info shouldn't shock us after what Elias Psinakis his manager said to Men Magazine last week. Mr. Psinakis said that ERT made the biggest mistake by dismissing Mrs. Bokota at this point of the Eurovision project and also said for Mrs.Paschalidou that she will need years to establish the same connections with the former Mrs Eurovision Greece.

Also we know from sources inside the mobile companies and music industry in general that the sponsor of Greek preselection will be the mobile company TIM and Sakis is sponsored by Vodafone. In this case anyway Vodafone wouldn't allow a collaboration or co-existance with TIM.

What we know for sure from secure sources is that Sakis Rouvas was asked by ERT to perform live in Greek preselection or at least sent a video statement. The answer was a strong no according to our source. So the reason for his know if we read also his manager's statements in Men Magazine is the sponsor company complication and Daphne Bokota!

We asked Mrs Bokota about this story and she was surprised since she didn't had any clue over this. It will be a great dissapointment not to see our 2004 entry once again to give away his glory and wishes to Sakis Rouvas but on the other hand it seems there are reasons for that!

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