2 Feb 2005

Sakis Rouvas: Singer of the year 2004 ~ Status Feb 05

What was the most important moment of the year 2004 for you?
My entry at ESC 2004 and my participation at the Olympic's ceremony, as well as my concerts at Cyprus – after an absence of many years – and the Lycabettus. I felt extremely touched that I was given the chance to participate at the closing ceremony.

Have you made a critical assesmant of "Eurovision Song Contest 2004"?
It was a very important to me what happened with "Shake it". I believe that this doesn't happen very often. It was an exceptionally touching moment for me and my career. I felt for the first time that people love what I do.

Doesn't the idea that people have about you, oppress you?
No. I always do what I like, what moves me. I haven't felt any kind of oppression by my audience. I have sung ballads, rock, pop and dance pieces. I am quite open in my style. I have even sung ethnic. I don't think that my style of singing is restricted because it is very wide as it is. But naturally I am a pop singer.

Are you willing to follow a trend that is different than your style?
No, because I wouldn't be able to interpret it. For me the most important thing are live appearances. So when I have to appear at a concert, and I don't like what I have to sing and can't sing it in a proper way, I won't be able to communicate with the audience. And you know that is what I love most of all: communicating with the world.

Do you feel that as a singer you are representing your generation?
I live for today. But there are so many ways to do that it is difficult to say that you represent all the people of your generation. I don't think that anyone can concentrate all the things that a whole generation of people feels. You can represent a generation at point at a particular field. That can be done. I did that in singing: I represented the desire of all Greeks to take a good position at an international contest.

Are you happy with the way the media treat you?
Media are like a society. Some are good and some are bad, some are beautiful and some are ugly, the media have them all. Naturally people see me the way they want to see me. That is what happens with the media as well. Of course I am annoyed when the media present an opinion as my own, especially when in fact it's not my opinion at all. My way of fighting back is trough my work as an artist.

How do you feel for your nomination as singer of the year?
I am very glad. I wish in the future to be able to share with you the same memories, expectations and experiences.

Greece is dancing at Sakis incredible rythm!
The unbelievably successful career of the absolute star that gives rhythm, passion and red color to our country’s cultural events, goes on and on!

Sakis’ concerts all over the country during the last couple of years, his successful entry at ESC 2004, where his infamous “Shake it” managed to “shake” the whole Europe, as well as a series of awards about his huge hits are a promise to all of us that we have a lot to look forward during 2005. All you have to do is go every night to the packed FEVER where Sakis appears to realize that his dazzling career isn’t an accident.

Magazine, STATUS, FEBRUARY 2005

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