9 Jan 2007

There is a lot of love here ~ Katerina 9 Jan 07

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He has avid fans who love him insanely and eternally, he has Katia Zygouli by his side - only a blind man would fail to see how much love there is between them - now his latest cd has arrived, entitled "There's love here" and there comes "Alter Ego"! Everything around Sakis is... love!

His album has been released and we all listen to it loud! What we 're expecting impatiently is to see him on the cinema in the greatly anticipated film "Alter Ego"! Till then let's see some facts about the film that is one of the most expensive greek productions, with a total budjet of 2.000.000 euro.

The director of the film is Giorgos Korgianitis, mostly known in the advertisement business. The script is written by Vana Dimitriou (writer in the TV series "Love") and promising Nikos Dimitropoulos.

The story
The plot is about the lives of 5 young people who are members of a famous rock group and confront their phobias, their hopes their real self. In the major roles we'll see established actors but also fresh talents like: Sakis Rouvas, Danai Skiadi (Hardcore), Alexandros Logothetis, Dimitris Kouroumbalis, Kostis Kalivretakis, Doreta Papadimitriou and Laertis Malkotsis.

The shootings take place in Athens and Salonica.
The film is not Sakis' biography, as many rushed to conclude. It's a youthful and modern story, conceived by "Village Roadshow's" greek creative production team. Sakis will surely shine once again and his co-actors are all talented and promising.

Magazine: Katerina, 9/1/2007

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