1 Dec 2006

His Alter Ego ~ Vima Dec 06

The man who dares to show his other self

"I feel like floating on an ocean after several years of involvement in the show business. I use this parallel because the element of water has always been closely related to my life. I like it, I feel charmed by this ocean, even at its wild moments, when it gets dangerous. I will play my games, make my dives and do my tricks, but I will also fight with it and manage to win. At my roughest times I bring the sea into my mind and I feel calmed down, escaping, traveling far away... I have felt like this since childhood, at my homeland, Corfu. You know, deep into the sea there are lots of strange and impossibly beautiful things. Like plankton, that when lit by a full moon creates some amazing images. When I saw that scenery I thought I would go crazy, it was impossible to believe that such beauty can exist! Life is a beautiful - often captivating - but also a dangerous game. It's full of unexpected events, joy, laughter, sorrows and tears. And I want to live each moment intensely and passionately".

"I am a man of passion and desire. I think that passion has always been the ingredient greatly contributing to my personal development. On the other hand desire provides motivation to get better at what you do. Many people believe that I am almost always cool, but that's not exactly the way things are. I get angry and raise the tone of my voice many times, I just always try not to cross the lines and offend friends or associates. I usually get angry over my own mistakes, not other people's. I believe anger is something you should keep under control because it might lead you in unwanted situations. However I want to point out that I feel exceptionally blessed! There's so much love from the people around me. It moves me deeply. It also makes me feel responsible to them and always try to be dependable. I give the best of myself and people perceive this. It's a two-way relationship: love and respect from both sides."

"I think my career is on the right track. I do things I'm fond of, there is response from the people, I try to make better and better choices, but most importantly I enjoy what I do. I have heard various comments, that I should supposedly proceed to changes in my professional life and that I'm on a threshold. But what threshold are we talking about? I don't feel like that at all. If we went out with a microphone and asked the people, each one would say something different. There are different opinions, every one sees things from their own point of view. Alas! If I sat and listened to all that I couldn't go forward. I've never wanted to lose anything from the child hidden in me and above all my right to dream.

"The word "star" now seems so trite. Everybody speaks of stars, star system, star quality. I don't feel like that. We live in a country that does not produce stars to the level of Edward Norton, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, whom I admire greatly - not to mention older legends. Therefore all of us involved in theatre, singing, dancing, are merely trying for the best."

"I will never fulfil my ambitions. They are so big, they have no end. The most important is to improve myself on a daily basis. As a person and as a professional too."

"It's a very delicate matter that requires extremely versatile handling. If you manage to retain your mental balance and your real self away and behind the camera, the publicity lights and the magazine covers, then you will have achieved the most important victory."

"It's a term we refer to quite often, not always under ideal circumstances. Authority is not a "bad" thing, as long as we use it to help ourselves and those around us, not as a demonstration of power."

"This is a self-evident concept, a practically non-existent word in my vocabulary. I don't think about it, I don't use it. I go by my instinct. I take it for granted that certain values like this one and some more, as credibility, consistency, politeness, honesty, should rule our lives."

"I have certainly felt those. I have felt almost anything, those are my "weapons" in life. You get determined and you struggle to acquire what you desire. I have lived, I have tasted life. I have experienced all sides of this "game" and I don't regret it. I feel full, accomplished."

"Money is a means to do things that I enjoy. It makes my life easier in a practical way. Yet I have to say that I work for joy, challenge, my personal pleasure. It is my passion. Fame, success and money are interrelated. But the truth is that for an artist there is no greater delight than the contact with the audience and the acceptance. The power and energy they give you when they come to see and applaud you can't be described."

"A rather misunderstood idea, which together with others are often recycled through the press pages. It's not important if something is expensive or cheap. Luxury however does not mean always wearing expensive clothes, driving luxurious cars, staying at the most luxurious resorts. Luxury may be the small amount of spare time you dedicate to yourself, doing things you really like, things that calm you down and relax you. The moments you can be alone with yourself, away from business, phone-calls and stress. Little joys with friends - this is luxury to me."

"A love-and-hate relationship. Through the years I have received all kinds of criticism. I have tasted exaggeration and malice, some "below the belt" hits. I believe that the media, in some cases, manage to patronize."

"It is released tomorrow and it is the best cd in my career, entitled "Yparhi agapi edo". I feel that it is different, within the modern kind of music where I belong, while the songs have been carefully selected, with well-crafted lyrics, and some amazing contributors, like Lakis Papadopoulos, Haris Varthakouris (in collaboration with Giannis Parios), Nikos Antipas, Pigasos, Eleana Vrahali, et al. This album confirms that I want to change, to improve, to evolve."

"Many have claimed that this would be the natural development of my career. I didn't see it that way. The right time has now come to get involved in cinema. In videoclips you also play a role. Still, nothing happened by chance. For the last two years I've been properly preparing in Los Angeles. I have taken acting lessons with one of the best instructors, who is a member of the committee that decides the Oscar nominations. If I did not feel ready to do this I would not proceed."

“My first movie, titled ALTER EGO, produced by Village Road Show, directed by Giorgos Korgiannitis will be released next year. The movie is about the life of Stephanos who is a member of a rock group. I felt enthusiasm and impatience. The cinema has always been enchanting. That’s where all the true stars come from. It still inspires the same awe”.

“I belong to the generation who grew up with E.T. I watch a lot of movies, from old classical films to the latest releases, especially now. I liked ‘Casino Royale” and Daniel Creg, and I don’t think he has a commonplace face, like some critics say. But I believe that the best movie I watched this year was “THE INFORMANT’ with Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nickolson and Mat Deimon.

“I’m not afraid of anything. I’m a man who always took his chances and assumed his responsibilities. I’m not afraid of failure because of this new step in my career. I trust myself, the script and the directors. Even if the result is not what I imagined or desired I still had fun. I will have the experience.

“Politicians and politicks have no effect on people any more, because they are fed up with them. They only give false promises. They say words that have no meaning and impact on the common people. They act as if they live on a different planet and deal everyday problems on a theoretical bases”.

“I don’t care who rules or who is going to rule in the future. I want the people who are in charge to have a heart and show true love and interest for the country and it’s people. Lots of people think, wrongly that showbiz personas don’t follow everyday news. I read newspapers and stay informed. In the end I always have a bitter taste on my mouth. For example I am touched by the fact that lots of people are looking for a job and can’t have one. It’s not something irrational; it’s a right of all people who live in a country governed by law.

“I don’t like to talk about my personal. But I wish to say that I am happy. Isn’t obvious?”

“I’m not thinking about it at the moment”.

“It might not be the most important thing but it certainly is a major factor in a relationship. There is no recipe for success I’m afraid. It’s a matter of chemistry between two people”

“All is all right! Like I said … I’m happy!”

What would happen if instead of Katia you fell for an anonymous girl? Do you think the media would bother?

“How should I know?” (he laughs).

VIMA, 01/12/2006

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