4 Jan 2006

Sakis Rouvas is in love and celebrates …

It’s Wednesday the 4th and the eve of Sakis birthday. He is in love, he is more glamorous than ever and rested and he wants to celebrate his birthday with the people that he loves. The party was organized in dt time, his friends were invited and the place was the club “BaRouge”. Time of arrival was a little before midnight. Only his friends were welcomed and they had to be full of positive energy. The scene was much decorated. There were colorful balloons with the words “Happy Birthday” everywhere, and gadgets that were spreading confetti, countless drinks and loud dance music that made everyone move to the dance floor.

Among the first who arrived was of course the host, Sakis Rouvas, accompanied by his girlfriend Katia who was also glamorous and in love. You know what they say, you can’t hide love. The representative of Minos / EMI, Margarita Matsa were one of the first to arrive, in order to make sure that everything would run smoothly. By the way she is also a very good dancer, who hasn’t stopped grooving all night. A lot of famous or not-so-famous Greek Celebs attended to wish Sakis a “Happy Birthday”. Among them were the Greek diva Despina Vandi and her husband Demis Nikolaidis. The day before Sakis had organized a small dinner for a very select few of his friends who wished him a happy birthday privately. Time 1:30 after midnight. All the guests are on the dance floor. When the music had stopped and the “Happy birthday’ song was playing a cake shaped like a huge star appeared. Sakis blew 34 candles that night.

Mag. HELLO, January 2006

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