1 Jan 2006

Sakis horoscope for 2006 ~ Astrologia Jan 2006

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The first “guest” for 2006 is a very beloved Greek artist, Sakis Rouvas. He was born in 5th of January 1972 and his sign is Capricorn. We hope that he will bring us luck so we can make a good start.

* Lucky numbers: 9, 11, 18, 33, 41
* Lucky day: Monday
* Lucky color: White

January and 2006 in general, is a period that will make Sakis reconsider a lot of his attitudes and beliefs that he had upheld until today. He is going to have a hard time in his love life because nothing serious and steady (?) can be seen in his astrological map. He is mainly interested in his career because he is feeling insecure after the end of his collaboration with his friend and manager, Ilias Psinakis.

Love life
His relationship with Katia won’t be serious for the moment. Which means there is not going to be a wedding announcement any moment soon no matter what the rumors in the press are saying lately. Their fights will continue unless they both compromise. He will have to start paying more attention to Katia. That’s what she is constantly complaining about.

Professional life
January is the month of major decision for Sakis when it comes to his career. He will feel confused and won’t be cool – headed enough to deal with whatever comes up. There is a proposal from the past, that would be very profitable for the artist but he is still very hesitant about it. He will make a contact at the end of the month that will offer him some relief. It will be such an important contact that even Sakis himself will be surprised. They might not become immediate associates but in the future they will come closer. He might be a new manager that Sakis desperately needs after the end of his cooperation with Ilias Psinakis.

Sakis will spend a lot of money this month in clothes and electronic gadgets. Those who know him well, say that “shopping therapy” is one of his favorite pastimes. But he’d better not spend too much, as one of his associates will ask him to do, because he will regret it. At this time he shouldn’t invest a single euro. He should be very careful with various acquaintances – not friends – because they will try to take advantage of him like they did in the past and he won’t even realize it.

Sakis, as he has often declared, is in excellent physical condition. He might not have enough time to sleep but he always makes time to go to the gym. He is truly favored in this aspect of his life. Even a minor cold that was bothering until recently is gone. However it would be prudent to visit an ophthalmologist, because his eyes are the only weak spot in his body this month.

Mag. ASTROLOGY, January 2006

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