23 Mar 2005

Sakis Rouvas sings: I have fallen in love with you

Sakis Rouvas will soon go in the studios to record his new album, and 3G Vodafone Live! subscribers need only enter the Vodafone Live! Menu in their handsets to watch exclusive footage of the recording sessions!

Once again, through Vodafone's partnership with the popular artist, 3G Vodafone Live! subscribers now have the chance to enjoy Sakis Rouvas' new song with the very erotic title: "I've fallen in live with you".

This will be the first song of the popular artist to be released from his new CD with the same title which will hit the record stores in early April.

This unique opportunity to watch Sakis Rouvas' recording sessions via video streaming will be offered to subscribers with a 3G Vodafone Live! handset free of charge. Moreover, all subscribers with a Vodafone Live! handset supporting real tones will be able to download this song in Real tone format (at EUR3.9).

Sakis Rouvas' new video and real tone can be found in the Entertainment category, Music section, Sakis Rouvas sub-section, of the Vodafone Live! services menu.

Moreover, in the same section, fans will find new photos, a new autograph and new wallpapers of the artist, that will make all subscribers sing... "I've fallen in live with you".

The new Sakis Rouvas video is part of a series of Vodafone local and global partnerships, concerning offering music, videos or real tones exclusively to Vodafone subscribers worldwide.

Found it at http://www.Vodafone.gr

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