18 Dec 1998

What kind of men wear skirts? (eng)

I want to mention Sakis’ case again. Is he or isn’t he a phenomenon in his kind? How was that famous advertisement? Every on in his class and Loumidis in coffe?*

The “pilgrims” of Chaos worship him. The woman that promotes him, believes in him. “I will make him famous abroad” says to anyone willing to listen. And G. Leventis (president of the record company BMG) agrees. The block is meant to become “international”. You know how all anxious mothers say: “My son, you are wasted here”.

So the woman that believes in him dressed him in a Valentino skirt. Well as far as I am concerned only the Scots wear skirts.

Newspaper, “TA NEA”, 18/12/1998

*That is an old and famous Greek ad, that is almost a proverb nowadays.

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