1 Nov 2006

The Mall Magazine Nov 06

He doesn’t have to provoke, he doesn’t have to create scandal, he doesn’t have to pretend to be the absolute pop idol, he just is! The “golden boy”, the permanent fantasy of every girl in Greece is celebrating the first anniversary of “The Mall” with us.

You are the person who branded the opening of “The Mall” in Athens last November, therefore the most appropriate person to interview for our first anniversary!
I’m truly glad that thanks to your magazine we are celebrating the very successful year of “The Wall”. The experience of preparing the shops and the opening, that was a huge event, has left me with the best memories ever! I remember I sang Frank Sinatra’s “Fly me to the moon”.

You have traveled a lot and visited several branches of “The Mall” in the United States and Europe. What do you think of ours?
Like you said, I have visited many other branches in Dubai and New York. None of them has our space and light that doesn’t choke you. It gives you the feeling that you are out in the open.

Do you visit “The Mall” often?
I come here fairly often and I usually visit the movie theatre “Gold” to watch a movie. I concider that particular movie theatre exceptional! It’s something that has been missing from Greece. You can hang out, relax, eat etc. It’s an amazing experience. I saw the movies “Syrianna” and “The Da Vinci code” and I truly enjoyed myself because “Gold” with the incredible chairs, the service and exceptional sound makes you feel right at home.

Tell us about the filming of your first movie.
If we talk about the movie I will have to kill you afterwards (ha laughs). We are trying to keep the story and the plot away from publicity.

Ok. Tell me everything you can, without having to kill me afterwards.
Village Roadshow is the biggest independent production company in Greece. They produced “Politiki Kouzina” that was widely released in Europe. People of this company made a proposal and after a lot of talk and thought we proceeded with the project. We paid special attention to the script quality and filming which is why it took us a little while longer than anticipated. We believe that the film will be released in March.

What drove you to do it?
I have always wanted to star in a movie. I “saw” myself on the screen many times and slowly over the years, after many video clips and commercials I realized I really liked it. When this particular offer was made I was greatly challenged and I felt it was time for me to attempt it.

Do you feel ready after having enrolled to so many acting seminars in L.A.?
Yes. For the past two years I visit L.A. on a regular bases where I enroll to several acting and music seminars. My goal is to broaden my horizons and be able to “stand” professionally outside Greece as well.

How important, although different, were your experiences of Eurovision?
Both Eurovision Contests in 2004 and 2006 were unique experiences from a different perspective. The first time was the experience of a lifetime because I felt that I somehow carried the expectations of many Greeks. The second time was a different challenge altogether. I believed from the very first moment that I was going to make it and I think I did.

Until a few years ago we knew nothing of your personal life. From some point on you were freed and you are not afraid of exposure.
I try to keep my privacy and at the same time I wish to enjoy my life and what I am, I try to keep a balance between the two. The truth is that when I wish to be left alone, it’s easy to achieve it.

You have a huge fun club. Do you feel comfortable being chased for an autograph or simply being touched?
The fact that there are people who love me and feel good about me and wish to express their admiration for me is something that I like. If certain lines aren’t crossed, so that the experience turns sour, I feel especially good that people express their love for me.

How would you characterize your wardrobe?
That is no easy feat because from time to time I have worn everything from tuxedos to the most teared jeans. But I try to wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and be myself.

When is your new album going to be released?
At some point, during November. I believe it is going to be the best album of my career. It has Greek songs, that some very good composers / lyricists wrote for me, but it also has some very nice ballads and a few dance hits.

We all feel that singing is very much intertwined with movement when it comes to you …
For me singing is an absolutely physical expression. The moment you are singing, you are not just using your voice, your whole body participates. It’s an energy that moves you entirely. And that’s how I feel for both slow and fast tracks.

What were your idols growing up?
I was singing from a very early age in Corfu, but I was also an athlete. My role models were mostly singers and athletes. In music I used to look up to the Beatles and Elvis Presley, although they were not strictly speaking idols of my age. The eighties for Greece was the age of “Abra Catabra” and Pet Shop Boys but I didn’t follow that kind of music. I listened to my tape recorder Little Richard, Great Balls of fire and Splish Splash. I grew up with these songs. From the sport’s field I admired great athletes of my time such as, Sergei Bumka who is the world’s record man in jumping and many others.

Saki we thank you very much
I thank you too.

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