21 May 2006

Eurovision 2006 - The highlights

The 51 Eurovision Song Contest in Athens is over so let's take a look at the highlights of the evening.

Sakis appearance as an angel from the sky impressed everyone who watched it, whether it was live, whether it was from their television sets. All the foreign reporters thought that it was one of the most impressive host entrances in the history of the competition.

As far the supposed "fighting" and "antagonism" between the two co - hosts, Maria Menounos and Sakis Rouvas, it was nothing more than a lie. They were very comfortable with each other and the reason why these rumours started was because due to the various sound testing they had to raise their voices to be heard. As a result some people claimed that they were yelling at each other. However those of us who were at the rehearsals know that this is not true. However Nana Moushouris' attitude, who turned her back to Maria, could be misinterpreted because it seemed like she was snubbing her and favouring Sakis (which could be true, Sakis is a friend of hers, Maria is not).

Another lousy moment was the “connection” with the Dutch presenter who clearly made a pass on Sakis on air and was downright insulting if you asked me. I am quoting from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sakis_Rouvas During the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 the Dutch spokesman Paul de Leeuw teased him by saying he (Rouvas) and co-host Maria Menounos looked like Will and Grace. Then he told him he liked his blouse and offered to give Rouvas his phone number; Rouvas responded "I bet it is 696969," to which de Leeuw responded, "no, I am not a French guy." This sexually suggestive exchange was castigated by the Greek media.

The last rehearsal was attended by a lot of “rouvitses” . As a result during the fake voting, when the technicians were checking the system, all of Sakis fans started screaming “Sakiiiiiiiii” that was heard all over the stadium and was commented by many newscasters (at least here in Greece).

Finally, Sakis was superb as a host for the 51st Eurovision Song Contest, and that is something that even his anti – fans and those who doubted that a singer could actually make it as a host and wanted someone more “experienced”, had to admit. He was more relaxed than Maria, who happens to be a full time presenter and covered some of her mistakes.

Chrisina (who was actually there), 21/5/2006

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