10 Apr 2005

I am flying with Sakis

The artist was on tour in Greece. We traveled with him and were surprised with what we heard and saw.

The time is 9:30 in the morning and we are already in the plane. We smell eau d’ avion and dentyne on ice, there is teeth whitened smiles everywhere as well as Zan Paul make up for men and died hair. The artist is not on board yet.

With a little good will we manage to sit in front. That’s seat 18A, a little too close to the toilets. Sakis is about a mile away.

We spot Nicki Kartsona (Greek celebrity) who is traveling incognito wearing huge it’s – not – me eyeglasses. I am eating a ouzo flavored toffees 9yes it’s still morning) offered to us by the air – hostesses. A little behind I can see Themis Georgantas (famous Greek music producer and TV show presenter who is a close friend of Sakis. He has 2 shows; Megalicious Chart Live in Mega Channel and OK in MAD Channel. Sakis was a guest in both). They discuss various subjects. Peggy Zina’s dress and Anna Vissi who was not present …

Sakis didn’t even say hi. He was tired – we’ve been told by his close associates. It’s natural, so many awards, so little time. Tired or not he went straight to the cockpit. The captain said that Mr. Rouvas will say when and if we are going to take off. I was a little bit anxious – I had just seen “Cast away” – so I tried to pay attention to the instructions, something hard to do because “S’eho eroteftei” was on the speakers covering the voices of the flight attendants.

The soundtrack of the flight was the song “S’eho eroteftei” and the compliments that the half – famous passengers were exchanging: “Oh Nicki you look faboulous” Themis kept saying. Sakis finally left the cockpit. He was wearing his sunglasses. I am thinking “This is one of the advantages of being Sakis. We all wanted to visit the cockpit but only he did it”.

The flight goes on. The wannabe celebrities are talking to other wannabe celebrities. And real celebrities only talk to other real celebrities. And we are left out. The star system has its own codes and its own groups and its own sunglasses and they wear them all the times.

In Corfu the crowd had gathered in front of the Community Theatre. When I got there Sakis hadn’t arrived yet. I crossed the catwalk in order to go to the stage of the “privileged” ones and they went mad. I waved at them in my confusion and thought “What’s up? Did they mistake me for Katia Zigouli?” But no such luck. Themis Georgantas was right behind me. Imagine that, people cheering Themis! I put on my sunglasses when you are traveling with a star, you become a star yourself.

In Iraklio the girls were trying to snatch away my pass. In Corfu they were asking me how to get in the Theatre unnoticed. When I was their age, I wasn’t that naughty. I was a cretin that’s why they called me Tina*. I didn’t see what happened in Thessalonica. I went to buy “tsourekia Terkenlis” (a local delicacy) instead and I want to thank the artist and his group for flying me to Thessalonica to get them. And I don’t bear a grudge to the cameraman what’s – his – name who ate half of them.

In Thessalonica I met the three “lucky girls” who won the competition of a local radio station. They were given tickets for seats right next to Sakis. They were living a tragedy. They were looking for Sakis and couldn’t find him. They had dumped them in the back seats.

I was told a few things that I absolutely have to know. The name Sakis is a nickname for Anastasios. He was born in 5/1/1972. They couldn’t agree whether he was straight or gay. Once again there’s more than one opinion.

It’s 11:30. I am living a tragedy. I am in Athens, I have a headache and the artist is not signing any more autographs. The night seems darker than ever. Oh, it’s my fault. I am still wearing my sunglasses. I put them away along with the fame I had aquired for the day.

P.S. Sakis, the kiddies are grateful for the autographs you send to them.

Mag. TV GUIDE, April 10th.

*Translator’s note: The reporter Tina Kouloufakou is playing a word game with her name

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