1 Jan 2005

The couple of the year Sakis Rouvas + Katia Zigouli

“Sakis has a lot of stamina darling”, that is the line, Saki’s manager, Ilias Psinakis, repeats to all those reporters who are not big enough to reach Sakis or Katia. So what do they do? They ask for info from the “absolute” manager. The prophet has spoken. And all these tiny reporters are left to wonder whether he knows what he is talking about or not, what with the rumors about expanding his career, hosting his own TV show, dealing with other artists as well etc. Psinakis insists “I hope the kids stay together. They make such a nice couple”.

The “kids” meaning the super – star of the Greek show – biz and the Greek model with the more covers than any other in her career (except for Vicki Kagia), are together since last summer and from their chemistry and union many other chain reactions have been caused. A union let’s say, between Katia and the Greek jet – set. Sakis, who has been a member of the Greek high society for years, felt that it was time to offer with the same generosity that prompt him to give an expensive watch to Ruslana (when she bought him cheap vodka) the most beautiful jewel. A doll face girl that won the Elite Model Look competition and became Playmate of the year too.

Another consequence of this new relationship is the sudden rise of Katia’s case, which made her manager Spiros Dervenakis smile. After her acquaintance with Sakis, Katia was chosen by a big French cosmetics firm to promote her new mascara. Maybe Sakis had nothing to do with it. Maybe Katia’s huge eyes did the trick but it’s a strange coincidence, don’t you think? And the fact that Sakis was the first to know isn’t a coincidence either, it’s an affair.

Their first date was arranged via the telephone network Vodafone. To be more specific it was the infamous spot where Sakis and Katia were staring. At the time everyone were talking about Sakis crash with “her gorgeous eyes that take your breath away” but none was willing to believe the rumors. “Sakis is in love” everyone who knew him were saying when they saw them together at the dinner party of the hotel Elounda that was given in their honor. “No woman has made him feel like that before”.

And then came the paparazzi. But their efforts were proven fruitless. They couldn’t get a single shot of Katia and Sakis. The couple was under the protection of friends and relatives that knew what it means to be “persecuted” by the media. From yacht to villa and vise versa the couple spends a whole summer enjoying their privacy under the sun. Sakis was surfing, playing tennis and planned little escapes to the tiny Greek island of Orno and the impressive Santa Marina, while Katia was getting a natural sun tan using an expensive sun block. The tabloids’ only success were the couple’s hot kisses in a club at Sakis home town in Corfu last September and their adoring looks in the club “Fever”.

The truth is we don’t know much about Katia’s personal life. The press uncovered only two of her previews affairs, the one with her colleague Manos Pantazis and the one with Frixo. Katia is not the kind of girl who goes to private parties and then kisses and hugs the most handsome men just for the sake of the tabloids reporters. And she is not the kind of girl that shows up to a party first and leaves last. Katia is usually silent. Some people say she is just playing the fem fatale and maintains a mystery around her person. Others believe that she simply has nothing to say. The certain thing is that few words and finesse goes hand and hand. On the other hand, Sakis affair with Rebecca Woung is not old news yet. Hundreds of things have been said about that story. Thousands of pictures of Sakis with Rebecca have been posted one after the other in all the celebrity magazines. From their first meeting at Momo’s (a famous club), from various restaurants and concerts and theatres all over Athens. In comparison to the mild persona of Katia, Rebecca, who was already known to the social circles of London, was not going to lock herself in a yacht just in case a photographer got her picture and posted it in a Greek magazine. She was not going to isolate herself in a villa in Neo Voutza.

The house was discovered for Sakis and Katia by their friend Giorgos Marinos, who has been living in that area for years. That is the first time Sakis decides to move in with someone. Until that moment his house was his sanctuary. Furthermore, Sakis although he is a bit of a miser, during the summer he spared no expanses to turn the house to a palace, in order for the couple to have all the comforts they might need. So he added patios, tears down walls, enlarged the pool and painted the house an earthly red in order to please his sweetheart.

Away from the photographers that hang around Sakis house and “rouvitses” that are screaming with desperation, life is better. And Sakis can practice on his favorite sport more often because the house is by the sea. “It’s quiet here” Katia says “I do not wish my relationship with Sakis to be public. My personal life is my own”. So far she hasn’t even admitted their affair exists. “Yes I am in love” she said to an interview for a female magazine, but she hasn’t said with whom and she didn’t mention the villa. She hasn’t shared her plans and details of her affair with anyone. Not even with her close friends Sofia Chrisohoidou and Esther Mastrogianni. Sakis follows the same pattern. Maybe he is following the “no comment” policy that Psinakis Started. Maybe he is just fed up with the publicity and doesn’t want to have another “Sakis and Rebecca” public affair.

The people around them however have no reason to keep their mouths shut, and they speak of a crazy love. “They look like two lovebirds”, “They can’t take their eyes from each other”, “They are the absolute couple”, are some of the comments we have heard so far. And some people wonder “How can they kiss in front of so many people? They act like love struck teenagers”. And of course they do. Because you always overreact when you do things that your manager didn’t allow you to do when you were a kid although you wanted to do them.

Maybe that is why they photograph each other so much. Sakis in particular is obsessed with photography and can’t stop shooting Katia. And she poses. Literally. Because Katia even when she is relaxing in a beach, when she recognizes a flash she poses like she is doing an editorial for a fashion magazine. A lot of people that happened to be around at the time still can’t get over, (their surprise or their laughing fits take your pick), the fact that the model started posing suddenly for no apparent reason. As if she was possessed by the spirit and couldn’t help herself.

But you also hear things like … “she is like a jealous kitten that require a lot of hugs and attention”. Yes Katia is jealous, because gorgeous women are always lurking. It’s not so far in the past when Sakis met at the club “Dragoste”, Anna – Maria Papaharalambous (= a relatively famous Greek actress. She stared at one of the most successful series of Greek Television) and according to the press they had a hot one night stand. But Anna – Maria is a woman that doesn’t want to have a steady relationship and therefore she couldn’t have a proper affair with Sakis. At that time a blond colleague of hers (big boobie star that plays a major part in a popular comedy series by Mega Channel) was saying “If I don’t get Sakis, I will die”. In the end she didn’t get Sakis, but she didn’t die either. She was just overreacting like some women do. A few years back the ridiculously rich owner of the club “King Size” was saying: “well, well, well, Sakis is more man than all of us”. The night before Sakis had just “knocked” a blond model from Holland and ditched Psinakis to “take her home” (i.e. his apartment).

Katia is now learning what it feels like to be accompanied by a star with a Hollywood smile and a body to die for, even if he is in love with you. Because Sakis is in love. And He has eyes only for Katia. There was even a rumor about a wedding with Kostas Kaisaris as the best man, but it was officially renounced by both of them. “I am not getting married” said Katia to the reporters that followed her in the event of “Very Important Watches” at Intercontinental, where she was the exclusive model for the jewel firm “Kaisaris” and was wearing an expensive and collectible watch on the wrist. But who can enter Sakis’ mind to find out whether their relationship will move forward or not? The “jealousy” factor is one of Katia’s aces because it is a known fact that whoever suffers from jealousy is capable of inspiring it as well. A man who knows the couple well has clearly stated: “Katia knows how to make Sakis jealous, doing small things and you know, creating situations. She knows how to play, darling”.

Furthermore Katia is completely independent. And that is a huge “turn – on” for Sakis. Because it is well known, that when you are at the top, you feel attracted only by those who are not intimidated by you and treat you like an equal. And Katia is a star too. With or without Sakis. The rumors about their relationship are many. Some people say that their affair is based on sex; supposedly Katia knows many tricks and is familiar with tantric sex. Others insist that it is the exaggeration, because Katia looks more like an ice queen than anything else. Some people say that Sakis and Katia are victims of the Dorian Grey syndrome, meaning they are not in love with each other but with their image. And others agree with them mentioning the mutual exchange of compliments to a degree that becomes embarrassing to people around them. Vanity of course never stopped love and vise – versa.

Whatever the case Sakis and Katia are an item and very much in love. Ilias Psinakis has nothing to do with their affair. And he doesn’t want to be involved in that. Of course lots of people stare at Katia because of her fowl mouth. Yes, that’s right, Katia is famous for the swear language that she uses. People from the fashion industry have nicknamed her “track driver” because when she is pissed, heaven help you!

Nevertheless, Sakis feels for the first time in his life, what only true love makes you feel. The indifference for other people’s opinion and the need to be accepted by Katia alone. Maybe that is a sign of maturity. Because Oscar Wild very wisely said: “When you see the acceptance in the eyes of the one who loves you are complete as a human being”. Because you truly own the world when someone (whether that someone is a wife, brother, friend), tells you with a look without words that you are loved. That’s when you feel that your life is worth living.

Magazine: Nitro, January 2005

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