2 Jul 1998

Hectic times (eng)

Just as I returned from my bath in Agios Konstantinos, in warm Athens, I noticed an activity that I have to make public. Something that's been happening right under our very noses. Sakis Rouvas, I learned, decided to get involved in the cultural history of our times again.

One day he is seen at the club "Riba' s" listening to Gianni Pario* and Despina Vandi near the beach. Two or three days later he is seen in the first seets of Irodio (theatre) enjoying an amazing concert of Marinella*. And on the third day he is spotted at the cultural center named "Hora" (= country) in Kipseli between the other spectators of the wonderful play "Midea" as was performed by the "Ground Team" of Dimitri Papaioannou.

Newspaper, "TA NEA" 2/7/1998

*Both Parios and Marinella apeared in the closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

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